Because I Praise


by Maryhelen Snyder

Published by Watermelon Press

"These poems sing with intelligence and wonder. They give us the morning of the world, its inexhaustible freshness recovered through a rigorous investigation of aging and death. In this exuberant and tender work, language becomes an instrument of praise, its dangers wrestled with the way Jacob wrestles with the angel."

–– Morgan Farley

“Precise, intelligent language illuminates the vividly drawn imagery of Maryhelen Snyder’s work...”

–– Phyllis Hoge

A Book of Poetry



  1. Sun in an Empty Room

  2. No Hole in the Flame

  3. Because I Praise

  4. Young Child as Person


  1. Guarding Master’s Head

  2. Loving Relationships

  3. Conscience Development

  4. Co-Creative Dialogue

  5. More Articles

Poems & Art

  1. Individual Poems

  2. Art


Maryhelen Snyder can be reached by “snail mail” at:

  1. 9672 Farmside Place

  2. Vienna VA 22182

or by email at mels44”AT”