No Hole in the Flame


Maryhelen Snyder has authored a newly published book, "No Hole in the Flame" (Wildflower Press) about the experience of grief in later life through the loss of a partner. Snyder is a psychologist and poet. While her book focuses on her personal experience with loss, and the gifts that were inherent in her experience of grief, she also addresses how therapy can help the healing process. Snyder's poems, which are interspersed throughout the book, supplement her description of the struggles and joys of a forty year marriage, and the subsequent journey of grief.

The impetus for the book came from Snyder's experience that her grief was giving her a renewed and powerful awareness of life. The title of the book comes from a poem written by her husband written twenty years before his death and discovered by Snyder in a file drawer the week after he died. The poem described her experience more accurately than most of the messages of sympathy that had come her way.

  1. Sparks leap in the air

  2. Leaving no hole in the flame.

  3. Loss leaves us intact.

Chapters include the subjects of ambivalence, forgiveness and self-forgiveness, passion, healing, and the various faces of grief. The book can be ordered from, or a signed copy can be purchased through contacting Maryhelen. The following link is a PDF of the first chapter of the book.

A Memoir of Love and Grief



  1. Sun in an Empty Room

  2. No Hole in the Flame

  3. Because I Praise

  4. Young Child as Person


  1. Guarding Master’s Head

  2. Loving Relationships

  3. Conscience Development

  4. Co-Creative Dialogue

  5. More Articles

Poems & Art

  1. Individual Poems

  2. Art


Maryhelen Snyder can be reached by “snail mail” at:

  1. 9672 Farmside Place

  2. Vienna VA 22182

or by email at mels44”AT”