On Becoming Human


Sun in an Empty Room is Maryhelen’s most recent book–a volume of new and selected poems celebrating the curiosities, ecstasies and griefs of a life lived fully.

Guarding Master’s Head: Reflections on My Emily Dickinson is an article about Emily Dickinson’s poem “My Life had Stood – a Loaded Gun.” The article was published in Poet Lore in 2011.

Changing Conceptions of Conscience Development is a talk given by Maryhelen at the Ross Snyder Memorial Lecture on May 7, 2004 on The Interpersonal Formation of Conscience in Childhood and Adolescence.

The Young Child as Person: Toward the Development of Healthy Conscience is a full-length book based on fifteen years of research and practice at a laboratory pre-school.

No Hole in the Flame is a memoir in poetry and prose about the experience of the death of a husband after forty years of marriage.

Under Loving Relationships, you will find parts of a recently published manual, "The Wheel of Co-Creative Dialogue."

Becoming: A Method for Expanding Systemic Thinking and Deepening Empathic Accuracy is an article published in Family Process in 1995.

The following website was created for information and resources on and about Maryhelen Snyder who died January 23, 2018 at the age of 85. She was a beloved psychotherapist, poet and painter. On this website, you will find articles, poetry, and book chapters authored and created by her. Memorial services were held in Northern Virginia, and Albuquerque. Here are some of the resources from the services:

  1. 1.There is an ongoing sharing of memories and photographs among Mel’s family and friends on CaringBridge.

  2. 2.Interview with Maryhelen after receiving the 2016 Passager poet of the year.

  3. 3.May 2018 Memorial Program (Langley Hill Friends in VA)

  4. 4.Langley Hill Memorial Minute

  5. 5.October 2018 Memorial Program (Albuquerque, NM).

  6. 6.Video shown in Albuquerque at her memorial.

Additional Resources