The Wheel of Co-Creative Dialogue


A Guide for People in Relationships and Relationship Therapists and Facilitators

by Maryhelen Snyder

Copyright 2002: Maryhelen Snyder

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Table of Contents:

  1. Gratitudes

  2. Wheel of Co-Creative Dialogue : Image

  3. Wheel of Co-Creative Dialogue - Turning Points : Image

  4. The Wheel

  5. Love

  6. Conflict

  7. Listening

  8. "Becoming" the Other

  9. Reflecting

  10. Checking for Depth and Accuracy

  11. Speaking

  12. Listening to One's Own Speaking

  13. Experiencing Reflection from the Other Person

  14. Informing the Other Person about Depth and Accuracy of Empathic Reflection

  15. Co-Creation of New Meanings

  16. Continuing the Dialogue as New Meanings Emerge

  17. Action

  18. Experiencing Action as Ongoing Experiment

  19. Manifestation of New Meanings

  20. Deepening of Love and Mutuality

  21. Afterward : The Absolutely Perfect Universe

  22. References and Recommended Reading

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